SetSelectedValues not working

Sep 21, 2014 at 12:12 AM
I'm having some issue getting the SetSelectedValues to work. I'm able to bind a dataset to the control and get the left list to populate. I am binding a list "List<User>" to the control. I'm using the UserName as the DataTextField and the DataValueField. I have the left list represent all the users in a company and the pick list on the right are the people on a project.
    // Read the User entity from DB and populate the All Users column of the picklist
    List<User> clientusers = BasicCRUDtoolkit.GetAlllUsersByClient(clientID);

    // Read Reviewer entity from DB and populate the Project Users column of the picklist
    List<Reviewer> projectUsers = BasicCRUDtoolkit.GetAlllUsersByProject(projId);

    // Bind the refactored datasource of all users to the picklist
    plUsers.DataSource = clientusers;
    plUsers.SetSelectedValues( what goes in here???? );
Ideally I want 'projectUsers' to go in the SetSelectedValues. How do I do that exactly?